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Best Canadian Credit Cards Best Canadian Credit Cards
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Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers Balance Transfer
Transfer balances to a card with a lower APR and avoid high interest rates

Low Interest Credit Card Offers Low Interest
Find cards with 0% APRs and low, fixed interest rates

Rewards Credit Card OffersRewards
Find multiple ways to reward your everyday purchases including airline miles, cash back and more

Airline Credit Card Offers Airline/Travel
Earn points or miles to save on travel expenses and enjoy the perks some travel cards offer

Gas Credit Card Offers Auto/Gas
Save on high gas prices by earning points or cash back on every gasoline purchase

Cash Back Credit Card Offers Cash Back
Make money back on what you spend by taking advantage of cash back offers

Instant Approval Credit Cards Instant Approval
Open a card quickly with an instant decision on select cards for specific banks

Business Credit Card Offers Business
Find a card that fits the needs of small business owners

Student Credit Card Offers Student
Compare different cards specifically for high school and college students

U.S. Dollar Credit Card Offers U.S. Dollar
Avoid currency conversion fees on US purchases with a US dollar card.

Featured Cards

Platinum Plus® MasterCard® credit card - 0 for 12 APR: See Terms
Annual Fee: None
Credit Needed: Good
More Details
Scotiabank Value® VISA Card APR: 11.99%*
Annual Fee: $29*
Credit Needed: Good
More Details
American Express® Gold Rewards Card APR: 30%*
Annual Fee: No Annual Fee for the first year; $150 Annual Fee thereafter*
Credit Needed: Excellent
More Details


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