Small employers using card rewards as incentive

Employers use credit card rewards as employee incentives

Today's economy is putting the squeeze on small businesses, who are turning to their credit cards to reward employees.

Receiving monetary card rewards as employee incentives is becoming more popular for cash-strapped small business owners.

Cash gift cards aren't the only card rewards being doled out by small employers. Credit card reward points pay for all kinds of card rewards given by small employers. Executives use company credit card points earned to purchase gift cards for various stores. Some card rewards feature entertainment venues and restaurants.

Small businesses once used reward points to save on airfare and entertain clients from out of town.Keeping current employees happy with card rewards saves small employers a considerable amount of money. The option of using credit card points to purchase card rewards eliminates the expense of advertising, interviewing and training a replacement.

With or without benefits packages, rewarding employees with card rewards allows small employers to show employee appreciation. Although it's true that the unemployment rate is higher than ever, why not give experienced employees incentive to stay with your small business? Making sure productive employees are well rewarded for their time and effort is good business.

Written by Jaipi Sixbear.
Published November 17, 2009

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